Dekoratyvinių lauko ir vidaus fontanų įranga, fontanų purkštukai Nozzles and fountain Heads is the most important fountain element, they make the most varied and beautiful water forms. They are made of stainless steel, copper and brass. Varied modifications will satisfy the most fastidious clients. We have a wide range of fountain nozzles to choose.


Lauko ir vidaus fontanų įranga, vandens lygio davikliai, vėjo davikliai, foto elementai

Electrical & Elektronic: water level systems, wind controls, electronic fountain programmer, submersible transformers, wall placed level sensors.

Povandeninai fontanų šiestuvai, lempos, prožektoriai, žibintai

Fountain illumination is one of the most important principles, which brings out extraordinary beauty and elegance of fountain floats. We offer unique and innovatory stainless steel underwater torches.



Lauko ir vidaus fontanų komutacinės dėžutės, laidų sandarikliai, jungtys laidam, hermetiškos komutacinės dėžutės, vamzdyno ir purkštukų pajungimai, šarnyrinės movos Linkages for wires, hermetic commutative boxes, also pipelines and orifices’ joints. They are made to help you to equip fountain and vouchsafe tightness, moreover to make them inconspicuous. All parts are made to vouchsafe continuous work.


Fontanų įranga, projaktavimas, įrengimas, trapai, priešfiltriai, persipylimai

Traps and fore sieves protect fountain pumps and drain from blockage which are caused by brash and rubbish. Overflows keep constant water level in the fountain, protect from water excess and breakdown situations.

Automatinės chemikalų dozavimo stotelės, fontanų, fontanams, baseinų chemija, chemikalai, fontanai
Usage of progressive technologies let us to reduce running expenses and constantly keep up proper water quality. It is a good preventive measure against weed, varied germs and vermin.