Our company can provide such services:

Fountain installation: inside and outside, private and public – we install fountains inside and outside, scenic waterfalls, cascades. A fountain- it is an elaborate hydromechanism, which consists of filtration, atomizer, illumination and other systems. To achieve perfect and concerted run among all systems, we must have qualified knowledge and necessary experience in this area. Our professionals will take into account the needs of the client and singularity of the place, suggest the most optimal methods of installation, look after the technical part of fountain construction.

Fountain reconstruction – we make technical plans to reconstruct and reconstruction itself of standing or wrongly workable fountains, also the technical supervision of building. We constantly cooperate with constructional companies, because of that our clients don’t need to worry about the organization of constructional works. The work is guaranteed and we are responsible for proper run of events.

Fountain projection – fountain technical plan is necessary in case to achieve perfect and continuous run. Qualified designing engineer will suggest the most optimal construction and engineering solutions, which will vouch the proper run of all systems. We constantly contribute with architectures and design constructors, because of that we can offer traditional and exclusive fountain projects.

Fountain maintenance – our employee will vouch the proper run of fountain engineering system, effective use of energetic recourses and high fountain water quality.

Consulting while fountain is being projected reconstructed and built – we consult owners who have already got fountains and also those whose fountains are being projected. The decisions made while projecting and building has big influence on the upcoming expense – if fountain was been equipped properly it will reduce maintenance.

Service to repair fountain equipment – qualified company workers quickly and with high quality will find breakdown causes and eliminate them.

Fountain mechanism and supplements’ trade – we sell mechanisms which are made by well-known companies; our clients trust these companies as well. The work has got a long term guarantee of quality and the whole service.

Water chemical handling trade – we sell chemical for pool, fountain and pond’s water handling.